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We're giving teachers the opportunity to pilot one unit of our new 2nd Grade Fishtank Math curriculum for free! Piloting teachers will get access to the lessons and assessments they need to teach Unit 4: Place Value to 1,000 and MoneyPiloting teachers will provide feedback on resources to help our team improve materials before we release the full curriculum. 

Unit Summary

In Unit 4, 2nd grade students build on their understanding of place value with the introduction of a new unit, a hundred. By extending their understanding that 10 ones form a ten, they learn that 10 tens form a hundred.With their knowledge of a hundred, students further their understanding of three-digit numbers by expanding their count sequence to 1,000. Their work with place value is reinforced by their work with money as they identify coins and determine the value of coin collections, as well as put this to work in context with one-step and two-step word problems.

Explore unit topics and lesson objectives in more detail with our Unit 4 Lesson Map

2nd Grade Pilot Interest Form

Share your interest in piloting Fishtank Math for 2nd Grade for free and learn more about our engagement and feedback expectations for the pilot program. 

Pilot Participant Engagement and Feedback Expectations

Preferred Engagement

  • Use at least half of the lessons in the unit in their entirety including Anchor Tasks, Problem Set, and Target Task 
  • Use the Mid-Unit Assessment and Post-Unit Assessment items that correspond to standards of lessons being taught if not using all lessons
  • Engage with fluency activities (both warm-ups and centers) to test the design and helpfulness

What We Are Seeking Feedback On

  • Lessons: Structure and guidance, Clarity for teacher prep, Clarity for student materials
  • Assessments: Clarity of directions and design, Alignment to lesson material
  • Fluency Activities: Clarity of directions and design, Usefulness
  • Daily Word Problems: General feedback

How We Will Gather Feedback and Offer Support

  • Individual surveys for any teachers who test out lessons
  • Feedback interviews based on survey
  • Scanned or pictures of student work with lessons taught to gather data (names can be omitted)
  • Scanned samples of assessment and data
  • Intellectual prep convos with math team before teaching, if requested

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