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A Doll's House

Lesson 8


Create and defend an argument about Nora’s decision at the end of the play.

Readings and Materials

  • Play: A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen  — pp. 63-72

Target Task


Writing Prompt

“Our home has been nothing but a playroom.”

What is the significance of this statement by Nora on p. 67?

Nora was right to leave. Agree or disagree? Explain using evidence from throughout the text.

(Note to teacher: This question would lend itself well to debate or discussion.)

Key Questions


  • Track the development of Ibsen’s messages about relationships between men and women and between children and parents.
  • How does Ibsen use character development to convey the unreliability of appearances?
  • What was the “wonderful thing” that Nora had hoped for that did not happen? How did its failure to happen serve as a catalyst for Nora’s full spiritual awakening?
  • What is the meaning of Helmer’s last line?
  • Are Nora’s actions heroic? Why or why not? Who is the hero of the play?