Our Approach

The goal of our mathematics program is to help all students see themselves as confident and competent mathematicians who are able to apply their math knowledge both in and out of the classroom as global citizens. 

Our math curriculum is rooted in the following core beliefs about quality math instruction. Explore the foundations of Fishtank Math to learn more about our guiding principles and research base.

Anchoring standards-aligned, content-rich tasks

We believe that the content of a curriculum plays a critical role in student learning, and this content must not only be standards-aligned but also rich in a way that engages all students in multiple layers of understanding.

Communicating mathematical understanding

We believe that providing students with opportunities to communicate and discuss their thinking improves student understanding, provides teachers with useful information to inform instruction, and shifts power away from teachers being the possessors of knowledge to students being the constructors of it.

Valuing the Process of Learning

We believe that learning is a process and must be valued in classrooms.

Monitoring student progress

We believe that monitoring student progress through various kinds of assessment is an integral part of a curriculum that informs teachers' instructional decisions and students' metacognition. .

Honoring teacher expertise

We believe teachers bring their expertise to their classrooms, and that providing them with a strong curriculum with the resources they need to make decisions for their students will help drive student learning.

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