Math Teacher Tools

Learn how to use the Fishtank Math curriculum.

Preparing to Teach Fishtank Math

Learn how to prepare to teach Fishtank Math, including preparing a unit, internalizing a lesson, and understanding the different components of a math lesson.

Supporting Just-in-Time Instruction

Explore resources to accelerate learning with the goal of providing a robust experience with grade-level content for all students.

Academic Discourse

Learn how to prepare for and lead academic discourse, the different tiers of academic discourse, and strategies to support academic discourse. 

Supporting English Learners

Explore a variety of strategies to use to ensure that English learners are interacting with the same complex tasks as the rest of the class.


Explore Fishtank’s math assessment offering more in-depth and how assessments can be used effectively in service of teaching and learning of mathematics.

Special Populations

Broaden your understanding of learning disabilities related to areas of cognitive functioning and how to plan and modify Fishtank Math curriculum to address particular learning disabilities.

Procedural Skill and Fluency

Learn how to develop students' procedural skill and fluency within Fishtank Math curriculum.

Word Problems

Learn how to develop students' word problem solving skills within Fishtank Math curriculum, 3rd-5th grade. 

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