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Professional Learning

Interactive training opportunities to deepen your expertise with the Fishtank curriculum

Explore the curriculum with the team that wrote it

The Fishtank curriculum team spent years in the classroom, and we are committed to providing a different kind of professional learning opportunity for teachers—one that leverages your expertise and experience. 

Fishtank workshops engage teachers in discussions and activities that build knowledge and skills you can put to use right away in the classroom. 

Unpack the guiding principles behind the curriculum design, examine the unit and lesson components, and develop strategies for internalizing and adapting the curriculum for your students.

Dive Deeper

Onboarding and ongoing professional learning options available in a variety of formats

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Professional Learning for ELA

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Professional Learning for Math

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Interested in Professional Learning?

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Overall, the content and trajectory of the content was fantastic! It truly helped me better understand the curriculum and the "why" behind the design. Not only that, but I left with concrete tools on "how" to best implement, which I always appreciate.