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About Fishtank Learning

A look inside our mission, vision, and values

Helping teachers engage, challenge, and inspire students with quality curriculum materials.

We envision a world in which all students are empowered to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and change agents.

Our Values Inform Our Approach

We believe in students.

All students can master grade-level content, solve critical problems, and discuss complex ideas. When they receive the support they need, all students can achieve at high levels.

The Fishtank curriculum is grounded in the best practices for teaching and learning, built around rigorous objectives, and highly rated by EdReports for alignment to standards.

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We trust teachers.

Teachers are our essential partners in fulfilling our mission, as they are in the very best position to understand the unique strengths and needs of their students. We aim to provide them with the right balance of flexibility and support in the resources we create.

The Fishtank curriculum does not script lessons, and focuses instead on providing tools that help teachers to deeply internalize and differentiate unit and lesson content.

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We strive for racial equity and social justice.

Rigorous grade-level curriculum is at the heart of any anti-racist classroom. We seek to create curricular materials that center students, reflect multiple perspectives and experiences, and empower students to think critically about the world they live in. 

The core Fishtank materials are available as a free Open Educational Resource to alleviate any economic barriers to access.

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We listen, learn, and adapt.

We challenge the status quo and experiment to find new and better ways to support teachers and students. We continually improve and refine our resources by turning to the research, collaborating with partners, and actively seeking out feedback from our users.

The Fishtank curriculum team draws on their years in the classroom to craft a curriculum that meets the needs of today’s students and teachers.

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Fishtank History

Fishtank Learning was originally founded as Match Fishtank. As a part of Match Education, we developed the curriculum to be used in Match Charter Public School classrooms, and began sharing the resources with teachers around the world via the Match Fishtank website in 2016. In December 2020, Fishtank Learning spun out of Match Education to create a new nonprofit, fully focused on creating and sharing high quality instructional materials. 

Our partnership with the teachers and instructional leaders at Match Charter Public School was invaluable as we developed the Fishtank curriculum. We are grateful to the teachers who taught the curriculum and helped us refine it over the years. The opportunity to pilot new units and receive feedback directly from classrooms has shaped the curriculum in fundamental ways.

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Meet Our Team

The Fishtank team is a group of former classroom teachers and education entrepreneurs who share a commitment to creating excellent curriculum for classrooms across the country.

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