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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fishtank Learning FAQs

Is Fishtank curriculum really free?

Our core materials (including unit preparation guidance, daily lesson plans, and post-unit assessments) are offered as Open Educational Resources. This means that the materials can be used and adapted for free under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Is Fishtank a comprehensive curriculum or a supplemental option?

Fishtank ELA and Fishtank Math are year-long, standards-aligned, comprehensive curricula and instructional materials. Elements of the curriculum can also be used supplementally.

I don’t recognize a term/routine/protocol you use in a lesson plan. Where can I get more clarity?

Our Teachers Tools for ELA and Math contain comprehensive guidance on lesson components and instructional strategies, and are a great place to start as you begin using Fishtank curriculum.

What length of class period is each Fishtank lesson designed for?

Fishtank lessons are designed for 60-minute class periods. Many units also have multi-day lesson series, which are indicated in the lesson map.

Will my free Fishtank account expire?

Your free Fishtank account has no expiration date. You can access our free Fishtank curriculum resources forever!

Can I purchase a workbook of Fishtank materials?

At this time, we do not offer workbooks or consumables for the Fishtank curriculum. We will share an update when we begin offering this option.

English Language Arts FAQs

Will I need to combine Fishtank ELA with another writing or grammar program?

Writing instruction and language and grammar skills are embedded directly into Fishtank lessons and units, and all Fishtank ELA writing assignments are connected to a core text, or ask students to write about content knowledge from the unit, ensuring that all students have equal access to the assignment. Classrooms using Fishtank ELA don’t need a separate writing block or separate writing curriculum.

Is foundational skills instruction incorporated into the elementary ELA curriculum?

Our Kindergarten–2nd grade courses do not include a comprehensive foundational skills block. To ensure students master all grade-level standards, we recommend you implement a highly-rated structured phonics program alongside the Fishtank units.

In 3rd–8th grade, we offer Fluency Assessments and our Foundational Skills Teacher Tool, which focuses on teaching and assessing reading fluency.

Where can I buy the books for Fishtank ELA units?

Fishtank ELA units use trade books that are available through the book vendor of your choice. On each unit page, select the Purchase Books button to visit a page where you can add texts from the course to an Amazon cart. If you need a full list of texts for one or more courses to provide to a book vendor, contact us and share the courses you need.

When will Fishtank Plus be available for 11th and 12th grade?

We will begin developing 11th and 12th grade ELA in Spring 2022.

Mathematics FAQs

Where can I find answer keys for the problems in Fishtank Math lessons?

Every lesson’s Target Task is accompanied by a mastery response. Answer keys for problem sets and homework assignments are available with a Fishtank Plus subscription

We do not currently offer answer keys for our Anchor Tasks/Problems to allow teachers to work through the variety of possible strategies for working through these rich problems with their students. 

Will you be developing math courses for Kindergarten–2nd grade?

We may develop Kindergarten–2nd grade math courses at some point in the future. We will share an update if we begin developing these courses.

When will Fishtank Plus be available for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2?

We may develop Fishtank Plus features for our high school math courses at some point in the future. We will share an update if we begin offering this option.

Fishtank Plus FAQs

What is the difference between the free resources and Fishtank Plus?

Fishtank Plus offers additional content and features within each Fishtank unit and lesson to support your planning and preparation.

Do you offer discounts on Fishtank Plus?

Individual teachers who purchase Fishtank Plus access for more than one course automatically save 20% on each additional course at checkout.

Can I get a free trial of Fishtank Plus?

Because of the downloadable nature of our content, we don’t currently offer free trials of Fishtank Plus. We do offer samples and previews of the Plus features for ELA and math.

Can I share my Fishtank Plus subscription with other teachers at my school?

Fishtank accounts (and any associated Plus subscriptions) are meant to be used by a single user, and when a log-in is used on a second computer, the first will be logged out. We recommend that teams using Fishtank Plus check out our options for school site licenses

What’s the difference between an individual Fishtank Plus subscription and a Fishtank Plus school package?

Individual Fishtank Plus subscriptions offer access to the suite of Plus features. School packages offer unlimited Fishtank Plus subscriptions to equip all teachers and staff with their own access for a flat annual rate. School packages also offer orientation, consultation, and the option to add onboarding and ongoing professional learning.

Do you take purchase orders?

We do! You can request an introductory conversation and custom quote from our school partnerships team to get the process started.

What kind of support do you offer to schools adopting Fishtank Plus curriculum?

We offer professional learning for our ELA and Math programs in a variety of formats. Explore the options or contact us to begin planning with our professional learning team.