10th Grade English

In this 10th grade course, students explore works of literature by authors from twentieth-century America, Elizabethan England, and ancient Greece, encompassing an array of fiction subgenres.

Course Summary

In this tenth-grade English course, students explore works of literature written by authors from twentieth-century America, Elizabethan England, and ancient Greece. While the major works in this course are all fiction, they represent an array of fiction subgenres such as science fiction, realistic fiction, and drama. In addition to the core texts, students will also read thematically paired poems, nonfiction articles, and short stories in each unit.

As students read the texts, there is an emphasis on developing their high school–level literary analysis skills. Identifying decisions made by each author about how to develop characters, create conflict, drive the plot, convey theme, and provide social commentary is the primary area of focus. Through this analysis, students will develop their abilities to independently analyze diction, symbols, figurative language, point of view, and characterization.

In addition to analysis of texts, this tenth-grade course is focused on helping students increase their word knowledge and vocabularies, practice their discussion and speaking skills, and develop their craft as writers of literary analysis essays. Explorations of enduring thematic topics such as isolation, love, racism, fear, and truth are woven throughout the course and will challenge students to recognize commonalities of the human experience throughout time and across the globe. This course provides the necessary foundation for success with the rigors of the upper high school English courses.

It is important to note that this English course was written to be taught in conjunction with a 10th grade Composition class in which students build their writing skills.

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