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Build Your Content Knowledge

Prepare to teach a unit with on-demand online learning modules that build understanding of the unit texts, discuss the unit's essential questions, and provide guidance on measuring student progress.

Simplify Lesson Planning

Access enhanced lesson plans for each lesson that include:

Content-specific supports for meeting the needs of a range of learners, including suggested language, foundational skills, and vocabulary supports, suggestions for building background knowledge, and opportunities for enrichment.

Recommendations on pacing and lesson structure, including suggestions for engaging with the text and using the key questions and target task to help students build meaning.

Monitor Student Learning

Track student progress toward learning goals using the essential tasks identified across each unit. Download a detailed essential task guide that identifies why each task is important, highlights key understandings of the task, and identifies potential misconceptions and suggested supports to build understanding. Additional progress monitoring guidance is also included within enhanced lesson plans.

Help students develop foundational reading skills with content-aligned fluency assessments in each unit. Access guidance for using the assessments, as well as supports and interventions for reading fluency in our ELA Teacher Tools.

Reflect on student progress and your teaching practice using our data analysis package. Use our protocol and template to analyze student work, look for classwide trends, and plan your next steps, either alone or with your team.

Save Time on Handouts

No more cut & paste! Customize student handouts with each lesson’s key questions and target tasks with our built-in handout editor.

Prepare to teach new terms with a vocabulary package that includes a detailed glossary with student-friendly definitions, word cards for display in the classroom, and a vocabulary worksheet for students.


During the 2020–21 school year, Fishtank Plus for Kindergarten–2nd Grade ELA and 6th–8th Grade English are in a pilot phase. Fishtank Plus content and features for these grades will be released several units at a time until complete.

ELA Pilot Year


English Pilot Year

Plan Lessons

Online Unit and Lesson Plans

Downloadable Curriculum PDFs

End-of-Unit Assessments

Differentiate for All Learners

Enhanced Lesson Plans

Save Time on Handouts

Student Handouts & Editor

Google Classroom Integration

Vocabulary Package

Monitor Student Learning

Fluency Package

Data Analysis Package

Essential Task Guides

Exit Tickets

Build Content Knowledge

Unit Launches

Fishtank Plus is also available for Elementary Math and Middle School Math. Learn more.


Individual Teachers

Annual subscriptions for Kindergarten–8th Grade ELA are available for $95 per course. Fishtank Plus subscriptions are valid for 12 months from the purchase date, and auto-renew annually.

Bundle and Save! Purchase more than 1 course and save 20% on each additional course.

Schools & Districts

Custom school or district plans are available based on the number of teachers and administrators who need access.