Enhanced Lesson Plans

Level Up Lesson Planning with More Structure and Support

Bring engaging lessons to life with robust pacing and support suggestions—but no scripts! Discover strategies to meet the needs of every student and resources to strengthen instruction in Enhanced Lesson Plans.

Guidance on Structure

Enhanced Lesson Plans offer a plan for engaging the whole class with the text and task of the day. Fishtank ELA lessons have three main sections:

Launch the Lesson

Activate students’ background knowledge and preview vocabulary that will be used in the lesson.

Engage with the Text

Use the lesson’s Key Questions to engage in a close reading of the text.

Build Deeper Meaning

Support students as they write in response to the lesson’s Target Task.

Answers to Key Questions

Throughout the Enhanced Lesson Plans you will also find answers to the Key Questions provided. These answers help teachers know what to look for in student responses during class discussion and how to help prompt students that need additional support.

Sample Answer to a Key Question

Supports for All Students

Throughout the Enhanced Lesson Plan you will find suggestions for supports and scaffolds that can help ensure that all students can access the lesson content.

Language Supports

Language supports focus on helping students access the language demands of the text and the task. They may include vocabulary definitions, figurative language analysis, syntax guidance, suggestions for anchor charts, or sentence stems.

Language Supports

Background Knowledge Supports

Addressing student gaps in background knowledge, or building on prior knowledge, helps English Learners and students who may read, write, speak, or listen below grade level, work with grade-level texts. These supports may include additional paired readings, videos, suggestions for field trips, or content-specific vocabulary.

Background Knowledge Supports example

Foundational Skills Support

Foundational skills supports focus on helping students read the text fluently so they can focus on comprehending the text. This includes supports for decoding words, supports for using affixes to break down words, and supports for reading with appropriate intonation and expression.

Foundational Skills Support Example

Opportunities for Enrichment

Opportunities for Enrichment focus on providing extended learning opportunities for students who have already mastered, or who can quickly master the core curriculum. Opportunities for Enrichment allow students who are eager to learn more about a particular concept or idea the chance to do additional learning or research through additional readings, extension tasks, or family and community engagement opportunities.

Opportunities for Enrichment Support Examples

Additional Supports

Additional supports focus on providing additional access to the text that does not fall into one of the categories above. Potential additional supports include materials scaffolds, task scaffolds, and additional questioning or close reading suggestions.

Additional Supports Examples

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Before using Fishtank, I often created units from scratch and had to embark on a lengthy journey of text selection, unit design, lesson design, and assessment writing. With access to Fishtank, I no longer need to allocate my time to developing and writing those pieces and am freed up to focus on strengthening my facilitation of lessons and supporting diverse learners.

Middle School ELA Teacher, Boston, Massachusetts

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