3rd Grade English Language Arts

Students explore what it means to be a good person and friend, and build understanding and appreciation of cultures and civilizations different than their own by reading a variety of culturally relevant and diverse texts.

Course Summary

Our complete 3rd grade English Language Arts curriculum is made up of three main components: Literature units, Science and Social Studies units, and independent reading. Together, these three components build students' knowledge and understanding of the world, and support student mastery of all literature, informational, writing, speaking and listening, language, and foundational skills standards. To learn more, see the Pacing Guide for this course.


In 3rd grade Literature, students explore what it means to be a good person. In Unit 1 students explore how to effectively solve problems and in Units 2 and 3 students think about how lessons from folktales and myths transfer to their own lives. Then, in Unit 4, students explore the different roles people play in bullying and what it means to be accepting of ourselves, and in Unit 5 analyze the characteristics of strong friendships. It is our hope that students reflect on what they’ve learned in these units as they build and develop their own identity.

Science and Social Studies

Our 3rd grade Science and Social Studies units focus on building students’ understanding and appreciation of cultures and civilizations that may be different than their own. First in Social Studies, students learn about the key characteristics and influences of the Roman Empire, and then learn about the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims and are challenged to think about the importance of looking at history from multiple perspectives. Then, students explore Indigenous cultures in the United States and the important role Indigenous People have in the United States, and finally, students learn about different world religions. In Science, students learn how animals have adapted to survive.

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Literature Units

Science and Social Studies Units

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