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A Doll's House

Lesson 9


Analyze Ibsen’s impact as a playwright.

Readings and Materials

  • Article: “Henrik Ibsen Biography” by Editors 

Target Task


Writing Prompt

Ibsen was a radical feminist. Agree or disagree? Defend your answer using evidence from his biography, the play, and any other resources you choose.

Key Questions


  • What is the format of a well-made play? What characteristics of the genre are present in Ibsen’s play? In what ways is A Doll’s House different than what one would expect from a play of this genre? How is this significant? How does Ibsen adapt the genre?
  • What do you learn about Ibsen from his biography? What do you think were his motivations to write A Doll’s House? In what ways is he a feminist? An activist?



Students should read about Ibsen and possibly read the article, "Characteristics of a Well-Made Play" about A Doll’s House as a well-made play. They should also use this article to assess the conformity of A Doll’s House to the characteristics of the genre.