Learning From Mistakes: Keena Ford

Lesson 2

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Describe how Andrew is desperate by analyzing details to draw conclusions about characters’ actions and motivations.

Readings and Materials

  • Book: Freckle Juice by Judy Blume  — Chapter 2

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Target Task


Discussion & Writing Prompt

Desperate means you really want or need something. How do you know Andrew is desperate for freckles?

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Key Questions


Why could Andrew not sleep?

Model fluent reading: Tell students that you will model reading dialogue fluently again. What do you notice as you read with expression?

We know that Andrew is feeling desperate. What other evidence does the author include to show that Andrew is desperate?

What is Miss Kelly like? How do you know?





a set amount of money given on a regular basis



when you really want or need something

Enhanced lesson plan

Enhanced Lesson Plan

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Common Core Standards

  • RL.2.3 — Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.

  • RF.2.4 — Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.