Learning From Mistakes: Keena Ford

Lesson 23

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Describe how Keena, Eric, and Ms. Campbell show forgiveness by identifying and describing key details that support the main lesson of a text.

Readings and Materials

  • Book: Keena Ford and the Second-Grade Mix-Up by Melissa Thomson  pp. 89 – 102

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Target Task


Discussion & Writing Prompt

What does it mean to forgive someone? How do Keena, Eric, and Ms. Campbell show forgiveness?

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Key Questions


To whom does Keena write apology notes? What does she say in each note? Why?

Why is Keena afraid to open the note from Ms. Campbell? How does Keena feel when she finally opens the note? Why?

Why do Eric and Keena rebuild Homework Hut? What is special about Homework Hut?

Why does Keena tell her dad, "It is going to be a really LONG story?"





to say sorry for a mistake you have made



to accept an apology from someone and not be mad anymore

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Enhanced Lesson Plan

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Common Core Standards

  • RL.2.2 — Recount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral.

  • RL.2.3 — Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.

  • RF.2.4 — Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.