Pacing Guide for Algebra 1

The Algebra 1 math curriculum was designed to be implemented over the course of a single school year. It includes eight units of study over 144 instructional days (including days for lessons, flex days, and unit assessments). We intentionally did not account for all 180 instructional days in order for teachers to fit in additional review or extension, teacher-created assessments, and school-based events.

Each unit includes a specific number of lessons, a day for assessment, and a recommended number of flex days (see the table below) which can be used at the teacher’s discretion. 

Each lesson was designed to be implemented within, approximately, a 60-minute class period. A suggested breakdown of a typical class period is shown below; however, this time allotment will vary depending on the lesson and lesson structure chosen by the teacher.

Lessons Flex Days + Assessment Total

Unit 1: Functions, Graphs and Features

Topic A: Features of Functions

Topic B: Nonlinear Functions

11 2 13

Unit 2: Descriptive Statistics

Topic A: Descriptive Statistics in Univariate Data

Topic B: Descriptive Statistics in Bivariate Data

22 2 24

Topic A: Properties and Solutions of Single-Variable Linear Expressions and Equations

Topic B: Modeling with Single-Variable Linear Equations

Topic C: Properties and Solutions of Single-Variable Linear Inequalities

12 2 15

Unit 4: Linear Equations, Inequalities and Systems

Topic A: Properties and Solutions of Two-Variable Linear Equations and Inverse Functions

Topic B: Properties and Solutions of Two-Variable Linear Inequalities

Topic C: Systems of Equations and Inequalities

15 2 18

Unit 5: Functions and Transformations

Topic A: Piecewise Functions

Topic B: Absolute Value Functions

Topic C: Function Transformations

16 2 18

Unit 6: Exponents and Exponential Functions

Topic A: Exponent Rules, Expressions, and Radicals

Topic B: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Topic C: Exponential Growth and Decay

22 2 24

Unit 7: Quadratic Functions and Solutions

Topic A: Features of Quadratic Functions

Topic B: Factoring and Solutions of Quadratic Equations

Topic C: Interpreting Solutions of Quadratic Functions in Context

13 2 15

Unit 8: Quadratic Equations and Applications

Topic A: Deriving the Quadratic Formula

Topic B: Transformations and Applications

15 2 17