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Fishtank Fans

Teachers finding the power of Fishtank in their classrooms


This whole year was different for me, because I was better prepared. I had much more engaging lessons, the discussions were rich—it just worked for me. I'm a super fan of Fishtank Learning.

Adrienne Marquez, I.S. 229


I don't even know where to start. The units have truly transformed my teaching. The core of the units is so strong that is leaves me time to make the lessons specific to my group and time to think about how to support all learners. I have never had students so engaged with ELA before.

Matt Ennis

Ellison Parks Early Education Center


In many ways, Fishtank taught me just as much as it taught my students. I found this resource as a first-year teacher and I was so impressed with the higher-thinking questions, and how the curriculum encouraged critical thinking, that I tried to develop all of my teachings to achieve the same goals.

Jeana Moore

Izard County Consolidated High School


The fact that it's free, not pretentious, and highly relevant sold me right away. I would like to see my peers use a curriculum that engages with social issues in a more comprehensive way, and Fishtank has provided a lot of infrastructure to facilitate that.

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School Spotlight

P.J. Kennedy Elementary School

The topics of discussion, what kids are thinking about and what they are grappling with are very real world and really get to what kids need to be talking about and learning about and I think that crucial for our kids because they are not only learning the standards but learning about the world around them.


First and foremost, I think one of the most important elements of a curriculum, to me as the school principal, is to ensure that our teachers are honored as the experts that they are and that they're provided with the opportunity to know their students well, and then use materials in which their students are reflected and have a voice.

Michael Wiebusch, New Heights Middle School


I have already recommended Fishtank to other ELA teachers at my school, as well as friends at other schools! More and more teachers are having to spend huge amounts of time finding materials that are rigorous and meet state standards, so I was thrilled to come across this fantastic website.


I have recommended it to many educators. I feel the program matches current research on building understanding. It is easily adaptable. It encourages students to think about all possible answers and honor the thinking of others. The program is about the thinking, not the one answer.


I think the key strength of the Fishtank curriculum, is its ability to deepen our students’ knowledge of themselves. We see that through the culturally relevant curriculum and the texts that are chosen. Our students see themselves in the books that are chosen, but then Fishtank goes beyond that and really gives our students entree into the broader world.

Esosa Ogbahon, Community Partnership Charter School

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