Expanded Assessment Package

Student Data to Drive Your Planning

An expanded suite of editable unit assessments can help you gauge students’ facility with foundational skills and concepts, as well as their progress with unit content, and make plans for just-in-time instruction to accelerate learning.

Pre-Unit Assessment and Analysis Guide

Accelerate student learning with pre-unit assessments and analysis guides that help you identify and create a plan to address student needs. Find recommendations for reviewing or reteaching skills and links to the specific lessons within the Fishtank curriculum to use.

Mid-Unit Assessment

Monitor student progress throughout the unit with Mid-Unit assessments. Gauge student understanding and identify those that need additional support before moving into the second half of each unit.

Post-Unit Assessment Analysis Guide

Find potential rationales for incorrect answers and commentary to help you build a deeper understanding of your students’ strengths and areas for growth.

Customize Any Unit Assessment

Add supports or scaffolds to meet the needs of your students with our on-site editing tool or the option to send any assessment to Google Drive as an editable document.

Fishtank Plus Pricing

For Schools & Districts

For Individual Teachers


School Year Packages

Based on Courses and School Size

Fishtank Plus school site licenses offer unlimited subscriptions for teachers and staff, as well as support for implementing the curriculum.


Per Course

Annual Subscription

Fishtank Plus subscriptions are valid for 12 months from the purchase date, and auto-renew annually.

Dive Deeper into Assessments

Student completing a math worksheet

Teacher Tool: Assessments

Explore Fishtank’s math assessment offering more in-depth and how assessments can be used effectively in service of teaching and learning of mathematics.

Ditch the Big Diagnostic: Accelerate Learning Unit by Unit

Learning acceleration helps you create and execute a plan to address gaps in foundational understanding without sacrificing tons of grade-level content time. 

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