Skill-Strengthening Practice

Foster Student Growth with Access to Additional Activities

Deepen your students’ mathematical understanding with standards-aligned fluency activities, daily word problem practice to reinforce new solving strategies, and problem sets that can be used in class or as extra practice at home.

Problem Sets and Extra Practice

Give your students more opportunities to practice with downloadable problem sets aligned to each lesson.

In 3rd–5th grade, Fishtank Plus unlocks answer keys for the lesson problem set and extra practice problems. In 6th–9th Grade, Fishtank Plus unlocks the daily problem set and answer key. 

Daily Word Problems

In 2nd-5th Grade units, every lesson includes a daily word problem to help students strengthen their application skills. Each grade-level word problem bank offers a wide variety of word problem types, including multi-step problems. 

Fluency Activities

Access a full library of standards-aligned activities to engage students in practicing and strengthening their procedural skills and fluency. In 2nd–5th Grade, every lesson suggests topic-aligned activities that can reinforce the skills students are working on in the unit.

Fishtank Plus Pricing

For Schools & Districts

For Individual Teachers


School Year Packages

Based on Courses and School Size

Fishtank Plus school site licenses offer unlimited subscriptions for teachers and staff, as well as support for implementing the curriculum.


Per Course

Annual Subscription

Fishtank Plus subscriptions are valid for 12 months from the purchase date, and auto-renew annually.

Dive Deeper into Student Practice

Student completing a math worksheet

Teacher Tool: Procedural Skill and Fluency

Learn how to develop students' procedural skill and fluency within Fishtank Math curriculum.

Student completing a math problem at the whiteboard

Teacher Tool: Word Problems

Learn how to develop students' word problem solving skills within Fishtank Math curriculum, 3rd-5th grade.

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