Easy Materials Management

We’ll Handle Handouts and More So You Can Focus on Instruction

Leverage Lesson Handouts

Make fast and easy customizations to the student handouts that accompany each Fishtank Math lesson. Anchor Tasks/Problems, Problem Sets, and Target Tasks can be downloaded for quick printing, or edited to add scaffolds for students or personal touches for your unique classroom.

Student working on a math worksheet

Access Lesson Slides

Save time on lesson prep with Fishtank's ready-to-use lesson slides. Easily access slides that include the Lesson Objective, Anchor Problems, Problem Set, and Target Task.

Student working at the board on lesson slides

Unlock Google Drive Integration

Save time and make your materials accessible for all students. With our Google Drive integration, you can easily send lesson handouts to Drive for editing and sharing through Google Classroom and other compatible learning management systems.

Teacher working on computer

Engage Students' Families

Bridge the home-to-school connection with a family-friendly summary of unit concepts, sample problems to illustrate unit content, and strategies to reinforce learning at home.

Teacher on the phone smiling

Build Students' Vocabulary

Unlock vocabulary resources to help students build their content-specific and grade-level appropriate vocabulary. Resources include a glossary with student-friendly definitions and relevant examples, ready-made word cards for display, and vocabulary worksheets. 

Math bulletin board

Customize Your Downloads

Download what you need and nothing more! Select the lessons, worksheets, and assessments you want to use for each unit and download your customized PDF or Zip file.

Math worksheet covering scientific notation

Fishtank Plus Pricing

For Schools & Districts

For Individual Teachers


School Year Packages

Based on Courses and School Size

Fishtank Plus school site licenses offer unlimited subscriptions for teachers and staff, as well as support for implementing the curriculum.


Per Course

Annual Subscription

Fishtank Plus subscriptions are valid for 12 months from the purchase date, and auto-renew annually.


Another feature that I really love is the slides and handouts. They make it so much easier for teachers to focus on the content versus creating documents and documents of lesson plans and worksheets.

Middle School Math Teacher, New York, New York

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