Professional Learning for ELA

Whether you are new to Fishtank ELA or have been using our curriculum for years, our professional learning workshops will help you get the most out of Fishtank ELA. 

You will engage directly with the authors of the curriculum and our professional learning specialists through live, virtual sessions. 

Our sessions are interactive experiences, designed to leverage your expertise and unique knowledge of your students, and share strategies that you can put to use right away in the classroom.

Fishtank ELA Launch

Build a strong foundation for Fishtank ELA implementation with our Launch Professional Learning, a workshop that covers the core elements of the curriculum for K–8 teachers over five sessions.

Session 1: Setting a Vision for ELA Instruction

Participants dive into the research behind Fishtank ELA and explore how its core tenets are developed across grade levels and within units.

Session 2: Centering Complex Text and Knowledge Building 

Participants learn to identify features of complexity and how to provide all students the support they need to succeed.

Session 3: Preparing to Teach a Fishtank Unit 

Participants learn how to use Fishtank ELA resources, including the Unit Launches, to intellectually prepare to teach a Fishtank ELA unit.

Session 4: Getting the Most Out of a Fishtank Lesson

Participants explore Fishtank reading lesson structures, reading routines for engaging with the text, and just-in-time support to ensure all students are able to access the core text.

Session 5: Intellectually Preparing a Fishtank Lesson

Participants learn the protocol for intellectually preparing to teach a lesson and practice the protocol on an actual lesson.

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Interested in Professional Learning?

Get in touch about scheduling sessions for your team, or signing up for our next open-enrollment workshop.

Fishtank ELA Choice Sessions

Choice sessions are offered as optional add-ons for school-based professional learning workshops, and as electives in our open-enrollment workshops.

Planning for Writing Instruction

Participants learn how to prepare for end-of-unit writing projects by using backward planning to anticipate student learning needs.

Assessment and Progress Monitoring

Participants learn how to use various progress monitoring strategies and tools to ensure students are mastering end-of-unit content understandings and standards. 

Foundational Skills Support in the 3–8 Classroom

Participants learn how to use the Foundational Skills Supports in Fishtank ELA units to ensure all students can access grade-level texts.

Support for Multilingual Learners

Participants will explore the ways in which Fishtank ELA supports multilingual learners and how to plan additional support for lessons.

Explicit and Implicit Vocabulary Instruction

Developing a rich vocabulary is one of the building blocks of skilled reading. Participants learn how to implement strong vocabulary routines in their classroom.

Academic Discourse in Fishtank ELA

Participants learn strategies for implementing and supporting academic discourse in the classroom.


The PD connected me to amazing resources which I had not explored yet. This is all structured SO concretely, with clear and complete suggestions for implementation. So excited to implement this—in a way I have never been over curriculum.