Professional Learning for Math

Whether you are new to the curriculum or have been using it for years, our professional learning workshops will help you get the most out of Fishtank Math. 

You will engage directly with the authors of the curriculum and our professional learning specialists through live, virtual sessions. 

Our professional learning sessions are interactive experiences, designed to leverage your expertise and unique knowledge of your students, and share strategies that you can put to use right away in the classroom.

Math PL Winter Workshops

Join a cohort from across the country to deepen your work with the Fishtank Math curriculum in weekly sessions, offered January 18–February 15.

All workshop sessions will be offered virtually via Zoom and focus on relevant, actionable learning rooted in the content and features of Fishtank Math.

Register for select sessions, or the full series of five. Groups that register 3 or more participants together save 10%.

Fishtank Math Launch

Build a strong foundation for Fishtank Math implementation with our Launch Professional Learning, a school-based series that covers the core elements of the curriculum for 3rd–8th grade math teachers over four sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to Fishtank Math

The sequence starts by diving into the design decisions behind Fishtank Math. Participants gain a greater understanding of and enthusiasm for our approach by learning about the guiding principles and connecting them to their classroom goals. Participants also learn where to find all the key elements of the curriculum. We walk through key features of the units and lessons, share tools that will support planning, and define key terms we use throughout.

Session 2: Planning for a Fishtank Math Unit

In this session, participants explore the importance of intellectually preparing to teach a unit and learn a step-by-step process to do so, including:

  • Analyzing the unit standards to gain a better understanding of what students will be expected to know and do
  • Exploring some big ideas and how student understanding of these ideas builds over the course of the unit
  • Identifying connections to prior and future learning in order to understand how this unit fits into the vertical progression of content

Participants are also introduced to the Unit Launch tool that is available for grades 4 through 8.

Session 3: Internalizing a Fishtank Math Lesson

In this session, participants learn to identify the different components of a Fishtank math lesson and a step-by-step process for preparing to teach a lesson, including:

  • Internalizing the lesson objective, criteria for success, and standards in order to fully understand what students are expected to learn
  • Getting a sense of the way content builds throughout the lesson by doing the math of the Anchor Problems, Problem Set, and Target Tasks
  • Deciding on lesson structures, such as designing structures for anchor tasks/problems, determining what instructional routines to include, and identifying what questions to ask students to check for understanding

Session 4: Supporting Accelerated Learning

In this session, participants are introduced to a planning process that supports learning acceleration—an approach to addressing unfinished learning that weaves in just-in-time review and practice with foundational content while ensuring students spend the majority of time in grade-level instruction. Participants will explore the resources available within the curriculum that can help them understand and plan for students’ acceleration needs.


Interested in Professional Learning?

Get in touch about scheduling sessions for your team, or signing up for our next open-enrollment workshop.


I found it so helpful to learn more about the Guiding Principles behind Fishtank Math. Learning to navigate the resources and videos was also incredibly valuable.