Fishtank Math School Series

Explore Sessions Available for Math Teachers

Fishtank PL sessions are interactive experiences, designed to leverage teachers’ expertise and their unique knowledge of their students, and share strategies that they can put to use right away in the classroom.

The Launch series builds a strong foundation for successful implementation of Fishtank Math. Choice sessions can help deepen teachers’ knowledge of the program and enhance their teaching practice.

Fishtank Math Launch

Build a strong foundation for Fishtank Math implementation with our Launch PL series, which covers the core elements of the curriculum for 3rd–8th grade teachers.

Session 1: Introduction to Fishtank Math

Dive into the design decisions behind Fishtank Math and learn where to find all the key elements of the curriculum. 

Session 2: Planning for a Fishtank Math Unit

Explore the importance of intellectually preparing to teach a unit and learn a step-by-step process to do so. 

Session 3: Internalizing a Fishtank Math Lesson

Learn to identify the different components of a Fishtank math lesson and a step-by-step process for preparing to teach a lesson.

Session 4: Supporting Accelerated Learning

Explore strategies to plan for learning acceleration—an approach to addressing unfinished learning that weaves in just-in-time review and practice with foundational content while ensuring students spend the majority of time in grade-level instruction.

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Choice Sessions

Opt to add choice sessions to a Launch PL series, or schedule choice sessions after your team has built up some experience with Fishtank Math.

Understanding & Preparing for Productive Struggle

Explore what productive struggle is, why it is important, and how to support it in your classroom to maximize student learning and help build their stamina to grapple with progressively more complex tasks.

Centering Student Voices

Learn how to equip students with the skills to drive the discussion in your Fishtank lessons, enabling more engaging exchanges and deeper student learning.

Supporting All Learners

Explore ways to differentiate your lessons and units to meet the needs of all learners, including how to use the Supporting English Learners and Special Populations Teacher Tools.

Integrating Math Vocabulary

Explore vocabulary routines and protocols that can be used to help students, including multilingual learners, build their comprehension of mathematical vocabulary.

Monitoring Student Progress

Explore the different opportunities within a unit to monitor student progress through the various formative assessment resources, as well as how to use assessment data to inform instruction.

Building Number Sense with Fluency Activities

Learn how to use the Fishtank Math fluency activity tool to build number sense and infuse joy in your classroom.