Exploring Ancient Civilizations: Rome

Lesson 13

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Explain what life was like in ancient Rome and what daily routines and structures show us about what ancient Romans valued.

Readings and Materials

  • Book: Eye Wonder: Ancient Rome  — 28–29, 30–31, 32–33

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Target Task


Writing Prompt

What was life like in the Roman Empire? Use details from the text to describe what people wore, what they ate, and how children spent their time. 

What do the details show about what ancient Romans valued? 

Sample Response


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Key Questions


  • What is the section "Keeping up appearances" mostly about? How does the author use text features to help readers better understand the key ideas?
  • Did all Romans wear the same thing? Explain why or why not.
  • What is the section "Mealtime" mostly about? How do the different captions and illustrations build a reader's understanding of meals in ancient Rome?
  • What is the section "Growing up in Rome" mostly about? How do the different captions and illustrations build a reader's understanding of what it would be like to be a kid in ancient Rome?





beautiful or fashionable even over time

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Common Core Standards

  • RI.3.2 — Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea.

  • RI.3.5 — Use text features and search tools (e.g., key words, sidebars, hyperlinks) to locate information relevant to a given topic efficiently.

  • RI.3.7 — Use information gained from illustrations (e.g., maps, photographs) and the words in a text to demonstrate understanding of the text (e.g., where, when, why, and how key events occur).

Supporting Standards