Passing Down Wisdom: Hispanic and African American Folktales

Lesson 23 - Assessment

These assessments accompany this unit to help gauge student understanding of key unit content and skills.

The Content Assessment pushes students to synthesize unit content knowledge or unit essential questions in writing. The Content Assessment should be used as the primary assessment because it shows mastery of unit content knowledge and standards.

The Cold-Read Assessment tests students' ability to read a "cold" or unfamiliar passage and answer multiple choice questions. The Cold-Read Assessment can be given in addition to the Content Assessment as a pulse point to what students can read and analyze independently, a skill often required for standardized testing.

Each assessment should take approximately one class period. If giving both assessments, schedule two days for assessments.

The Fluency Assessment measures students’ ability to read a grade-level text with accuracy and prosody, at a proficient rate. Teachers should use the information gathered from the assessment to monitor students’ fluency and plan for any necessary intervention groups. This assessment is quick and should happen at the end of a unit. Teachers should plan to pull students one-on-one to do this while the rest of the class is independently reading or writing.