Adopting Fishtank ELA

Our ELA Guiding Principles

Building knowledge to nurture critical thinking and agency

Effective literacy instruction builds students’ reading/writing skills and knowledge, develops students' identity and agency, helps students understand the world around them, and creates independent critical readers.

Teacher putting her hands behind their ears to listen to a group of young students.

Centering diverse, relevant, and rigorous texts

Every student, regardless of background and reading level, should read complex, engaging texts written in a variety of genres and by diverse voices, to highlight the diversity and richness of the human experience.

A student reading among bookshelves in a library.

Prioritizing student voices and ideas

Engaging in regular academic discourse is essential for students to synthesize texts and content, spark their curiosity, develop original ideas, and find their own voice.

Students sitting on a table and talking.

Learning to write, writing to learn

Writing and language skills are best taught in context, allowing students to authentically analyze an author’s craft and structure, develop their own voice as writers, and build deeper meaning with the texts and ideas.

A student erasing something in their notebook.

Preparing teachers to support students

Intellectual preparation allows teachers to do their best teaching: when teachers deeply understand the text and unit themes they can help all students master grade-level content and standards. 

A teacher speaking to students who are working on computers.
Teacher high-fiving a student.

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Knowledge-Building Curriculum

Fishtank ELA is among the top knowledge-building curricula recognized by the Knowledge Matters Campaign. The rich, rigorous, and diverse texts that ground each lesson help build students' knowledge of themselves, the world around them, and their power.

Prepare Your Teachers for Success

School-based and open enrollment professional learning workshops are available to help teachers get the most out of the Fishtank ELA curriculum.

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School Spotlight

CS 300

“With Fishtank, the children do see themselves in the curriculum, and not just by way of how they look, but they relate to the stories and to issues that are in the stories.”

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