Adopting Fishtank Math

Our Math Approach

Content-Rich Tasks

We believe that students learn best when asked to solve problems that spark their curiosity, require them to make novel connections between concepts, and may offer more than one avenue to the solution.

Teacher pointing to projected math on a whiteboard.

Practice and Feedback

We believe that practice and feedback are essential to developing students’ conceptual understanding and fluency.

Teacher holding a poster and talking to a student.

Productive Struggle

We believe that students develop essential strategies for tackling complex problems, and build non-cognitive skills such as grit and resilience, through productive struggle.

Over the shoulder look of a student doing math on a handheld whiteboard.

Procedural Fluency AND Conceptual Understanding

We believe that knowing “how” to solve a problem is not enough; students must also know “why” mathematical procedures and concepts exist.

Student drawing a tape-diagram on the classroom whiteboard.

Communicating Mathematical Understanding

We believe that the process of communicating their mathematical thinking helps students solidify their learning and helps teachers assess student understanding.

Students smiling and talking.

Highly Rated by EdReports

Fishtank Math for 3rd–8th Grade has received perfect scores for Alignment to Standards. 

Teacher high-fiving a student.

Ready to Get Started?

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Prepare Your Teachers for Success

School-based and open enrollment professional learning workshops are available to help teachers get the most out of the Fishtank Math curriculum.