Fishtank Math for Massachusetts Schools

Free for Massachusetts Schools and Districts for 2022–23

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Accelerating Mathematics Instruction program offers the opportunity for schools and districts to adopt Fishtank Math as their core curriculum for the coming school year, funded entirely by DESE.

Accelerate Learning for Your Students

Request a demo to see how the Fishtank Math program could work for your students, and learn how to start a free pilot at your school this semester.

Special Package for Massachusetts Schools and Districts

High-Quality Core Curriculum Materials

  • Research-based comprehensive curriculum for 3rd to 8th Grade Math
  • Perfect scores from EdReports for Alignment to Standards
  • Easy-to-navigate digital platform that integrates with Google Classroom and supports teacher planning

Assessment Tool Kit

  • Robust formative and summative assessment package
  • Pre-unit assessments to diagnose foundational skill gaps combined with teacher guidance on suggested content for just-in-time review
  • Student self-assessment tools to help students take ownership of their learning

Professional Learning Resources

  • Embedded professional learning resources to support teachers’ intellectual preparation and build their content knowledge
  • Dynamic library of teacher tools to support planning
  • Onboarding professional learning sessions to ensure a smooth start