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Set your teachers up for success as they begin their work with Fishtank ELA. Fishtank PL prioritizes interactive experiences designed to leverage teachers’ expertise and their unique knowledge of their students, and share strategies that they can put to use right away in the classroom.

Our Launch series provides onboarding support for teachers who are new to the curriculum, building a build a strong foundation for Kindergarten–9th grade teachers implementing Fishtank ELA. Additional modules can help deepen teachers’ knowledge of the program and enhance their teaching practice.

Fishtank ELA Launch

Module 1: Setting a Vision for ELA Instruction

Dive into the research behind Fishtank ELA and explore how its core tenets are developed across grade levels and within units.

Module 2: Centering Complex Text and Knowledge Building 

Learn to identify features of complexity and how to provide all students the support they need to succeed.

Module 3: Preparing to Teach a Fishtank Unit 

Learn how to use Fishtank ELA resources, including the Unit Launches, to intellectually prepare to teach a Fishtank ELA unit.

Module 4: Getting the Most Out of a Fishtank Lesson

Explore Fishtank reading lesson structures, strategies for engaging with the text, and just-in-time support to ensure all students are able to access the core text.

Module 5: Intellectually Preparing a Fishtank Lesson

Learn the protocol for intellectually preparing to teach a lesson and practice the protocol for a lesson in a current or upcoming unit.

NEW On-Demand PL with Train the Trainer Support

School partners can unlock Fishtank ELA Launch PL in a convenient on-demand platform that teachers can access for the full school year. We pair this with train-the-trainer support for instructional leaders and coaches, to systematically build capacity with the Fishtank ELA resources.

This format offers the flexibility to facilitate Fishtank PL in the format and at a pace that works for your unique context!

Additional Modules

We are currently developing additional modules to offer in our new On-Demand PL platform. A limited number of our Propel modules will be available in late 2023, with more being added in 2024.

Propel Modules

Vocabulary Instruction

Learn strategies for how to strategically identify, introduce, and reinforce vocabulary within a Fishtank ELA lesson and unit. 

Centering Student Voices

Learn strategies for implementing and supporting academic discourse in the classroom.

Supporting Multilingual Learners

Learn strategies for how to support multilingual learners with complex texts and tasks. 

Embedding Foundational Skills Supports

Learn the importance of fluency instruction, particularly in upper elementary and middle school, and explore various strategies for embedding fluency instruction in Fishtank ELA lessons.

Monitoring Student Progress

Learn how to progress monitor and assess student understanding within a Fishtank ELA unit.

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