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Selecting Core Texts for the High School ELA Classroom

by Ebony Moses

March 31, 2021

Learn about the questions and priorities that are guiding our selection of new unit core texts for High School ELA. Dive deep into our process for examining the existing units of the 9th grade course, and how the new sequence of texts was selected.

Fishtank Teacher Spotlight: Matt Ennis

March 24, 2021

Our Fishtank Teacher Spotlight with Matt Ennis, who uses Fishtank ELA curriculum with his 2nd grade class at P.A. Shaw Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bring Your Fishtank Learning Curriculum to Life With Kiddom

by Kiddom Team

March 17, 2021

Meet our partner, Kiddom! They are bringing our 3–8 Fishtank Math curriculum to their platform for Fall 2021. Find out why this pairing is just a great match!

A New Vision for High School ELA

by Ebony Moses

March 4, 2021

High School ELA Curriculum Director Ebony Moses illuminates how she set a vision for developing and deepening our offerings for 9–12 ELA, and shares the new scope and sequence with course themes and text selections.

Cold Calling and Remote Learning

by Ross Trudeau

February 11, 2021

Remote learning has come with a host of challenges—from distributing materials to delivering instruction to driving engagement—that teachers have met with ingenuity and grace.

As many classes are still taking place mostly or all online, we’ve been mulling over whether one of our favorite moves—cold calling—has a place in remote learning.