Posts about Curriculum

Learn about our curriculum, take a deep dive into some of its features, and much more.

Posts about Curriculum

Posts about our approach to full scope and sequence planning, teaching and assessment.

Make Student Feedback Meaningful

November 29, 2022   Rachel Fuhrman

Discover 3 strategies to make your student feedback as effective as possible. These strategies can help your students improve in both Math and ELA, regardless of grade level.

Fishtank Unit Highlight: Rediscovering Thanksgiving

November 02, 2022   

Learn how Fishtank ELA's Rediscovering Thanksgiving: Fact vs. Fiction unit can help you teach Thanksgiving in a meaningful way while students build knowledge and develop critical literacy skills. 

Ditch the Big Diagnostic: Accelerate Learning Unit by Unit

October 19, 2022   

Learning acceleration helps you create and execute a plan to address gaps in foundational understanding without sacrificing tons of grade-level content time. 

What Kind of Knowledge Can an ELA Curriculum Build?

October 13, 2022   

Learn how Fishtank ELA builds students' reading fluency and comprehension skills while simultaneously building students' knowledge of the world, themselves, and their power. 

Fishtank Teacher Spotlight: Deion Jamison

September 28, 2022   

High School ELA teacher Deion Jamison shares how his students made real-world connections, developed their critical thinking skills, and eagerly participated in classroom discussions with Fishtank.