Posts about Curriculum

Learn about our curriculum, take a deep dive into some of its features, and much more.

Posts about Curriculum

Posts about our approach to full scope and sequence planning, teaching and assessment.

Looking Forward: Priorities for the 2021–22 School Year

May 19, 2021   Anne Lyneis and Jami Therrien Wells

At the end of a singularly challenging school year, our curriculum directors turn their attention to the coming year and share our top priorities for the structures, preparation, and resources that will best support teachers and students.

What's Inside: ELA Unit Launches

November 19, 2020   

How do you most efficiently internalize the content for a new ELA unit, so you are prepared for the real-time decision making required when you are in front of your class? Unit Launches are here to help.

Fishtank School Spotlight: P.J. Kennedy Elementary School

September 02, 2020   

Our Fishtank School Spotlight with Kristen Goncalves, Julianne Zalmat, and Marybeth Hamwey of P.J. Kennedy Elementary School in East Boston, MA.

What Teach for America Taught Us

May 06, 2020   

Three members of the Fishtank curriculum team spent their formative teaching years as Teach for America corps members. Here they share the high points, the struggles, and how their time in the classroom informs their approach to creating the Fishtank curriculum.

Celebrating Women’s History Month in Your Classroom

March 11, 2021   

The month of March is dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women throughout history and today. Across the Fishtank curriculum, we highlight the impact and voices of women year round. 

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