Posts about School and Teacher Spotlights

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Posts about School and Teacher Spotlights

Fishtank School Spotlight: I.S. 229 Middle School

September 06, 2023   

With the help of Fishtank ELA, teachers at I.S. 229 have boosted engagement, simplified their prep, and helped students achieve more. Dive into this School Spotlight to see what teachers and leaders had to say about the impact of Fishtank on their classrooms. 

Fishtank School Spotlight: P.J. Kennedy Elementary School

November 15, 2022   

Learn how teachers at P.J. Kennedy Elementary School have been making ELA engaging and accessible for all students with Fishtank. 

Fishtank School Spotlight: BwCCS

October 26, 2022   

Teachers and leaders at Beginning with Children Charter Schools have seen students achieve incredible academic progress across math, reading, and writing. Students are also eager to dive into classroom discussions and more engaged than ever before! 

Fishtank Teacher Spotlight: Deion Jamison

September 28, 2022   

High School ELA teacher Deion Jamison shares how his students made real-world connections, developed their critical thinking skills, and eagerly participated in classroom discussions with Fishtank.  

Fishtank School Spotlight: CS 300

September 07, 2022   

CS 300 teachers and leaders share how Fishtank ELA has improved students' writing, discussions, and daily engagement while making teachers' lives easier. 

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