Match Fishtank is now Fishtank Learning


It’s a new year, and we’re excited to share that Match Fishtank has a new name: Fishtank Learning.

Five years ago, we began creating curriculum for Match Charter Public School in Boston. Four years ago, we began publishing that curriculum online for teachers across the country to use. And over this period, we’ve seen tremendous growth, with teachers in every state and many countries worldwide downloading and teaching the Fishtank curriculum.

We have ambitious plans to expand the number of teachers and students we serve, and grow and refine our library of resources. To pursue these goals most effectively, we have formed a new independent nonprofit, Fishtank Learning, that will carry forward the important curriculum work started four years ago with Match Fishtank.

We have been so fortunate to be part of the Match Education organization for the past five years. Our partnership with the teachers and instructional leaders at Match Charter Public School has been invaluable as we developed our materials and model. The opportunity to pilot new units and receive feedback directly from classrooms has shaped the curriculum in fundamental ways. We are glad to continue to count Match among our partner schools as we move forward.

What does this change mean for you?

  • The “Fishtank” part of our name is here to stay. We added “Learning” to help people who hear about us for the first time understand more quickly what we offer. (No, we don’t sell aquariums!) Hopefully it’s an easier name for teachers to remember and recommend to others.
  • All of the free content you use on Match Fishtank remains free. Fishtank Learning is committed to providing teachers with our core materials as a free Open Educational Resource to help alleviate economic barriers to access.
  • The way you navigate the site remains the same, and there is no change to your login information. You can continue to use the same email and password that you always have.
  • If you have pages from our old website bookmarked or hyperlinked in documents, you can still click those links and you will be redirected to the correct page on the new website.
  • Fishtank Plus subscriptions are still available for all of the same courses, and at the same prices. Current subscriptions will carry over to Fishtank Learning, and renewal dates will remain the same.
  • Stay tuned for a new Fishtank Learning logo and a new look for the website, coming this spring!

Have questions? Send us a message at [email protected].