Kiddom + Fishtank Learning

Fishtank Math curriculum is now available for schools and districts on the flexible Kiddom Education Platform


Fishtank Math for 3rd–8th grade is coming to the Kiddom Education Platform Fall 2021. Kiddom houses curriculum, instruction, and assessment in one place with communication tools so teaching and learning can take place in any environment.

Through Kiddom, the highly-rated, flexible Fishtank curriculum comes to life in a fully digital format, for an even more dynamic experience.

Capture Curriculum Adaptations

Fishtank and Kiddom share a belief that teachers are the experts in their own classrooms and know their students, teaching style, and desired outcomes best. Fishtank lessons are not one-size-fits-all and Kiddom’s curriculum management tools allow teachers to edit and save the customizations they make.

Seamlessly Share Assignments

Incorporating Fishtank Math assignments into the instructional workflow has never been easier. Teachers can quickly drop a problem set or target task into students’ assignment timelines. Students complete assignments from their Kiddom accounts, and many digital question types offer automatic grading, which can free up teacher time for providing targeted feedback.

Leverage Performance Data for Personalization

The Common Core State Standards are deeply embedded in every aspect of the Fishtank Math curriculum. On the Kiddom platform, these standards connections become even more powerful with rich reports on student progress that draw on data from assignments and assessments. Action plan and differentiate instruction based on this data with Fishtank’s guidance and Kiddom’s curated supplemental content library.

Communicate with Ease

Kiddom’s all-in-one platform offers communication tools at every point in the learning process, making it easier than ever for teachers and students to stay connected. With many options to communicate via chat, video, audio, and virtual calls, the discussions at the heart of so many Fishtank lessons can continue, even when teachers and students aren’t in the classroom together.


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