Giving Clear Directions

April 21, 2021
Ross Trudeau

Part of our approach at Fishtank Learning is to provide accessible, high-quality curriculum that doesn’t rely on scripted lesson plans. That’s because we want to leave teachers the flexibility to adapt our content to your style and your teaching contexts.

That means that our daily lesson plans don’t have scripted directions for teachers to give during transitions or before work time. However, we also believe that giving clear directions can have a major impact on the total learning that takes place in a classroom.

So: we’ve cooked up a short primer on how to give clear directions—both during in-person and online learning—that we hope will be useful as you prep your upcoming Fishtank lessons.



Check out our Teacher Tools available to Fishtank Plus subscribers or explore our Professional Learning opportunities if you want more best practices for implementing Fishtank lessons in the classroom! 

Ross Trudeau writes, films, produces, and manages all of Fishtank's digital media content. Prior to his current position, he joined Match Corps III in 2006 and served for three years as Director of Match Corps Recruiting. A graduate of the Match Teacher Residency, he taught English and Creative Writing for three years at KIPP: King Collegiate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Trudeau holds a degree in English Literature from Brown University.

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