Posts about Lesson Planning

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Posts about Lesson Planning

The Problem with Some Problems

May 20, 2020   

Math teachers know that not all problems are great problems. The not-so-great problems might lack clarity, fail to engage the skills they're meant to target, or demonstrate cultural tone-deafness. Take a look at how 5 problems went from “so-so” to “spot-on”.

Engaging with Earth Day—Even If You Don’t Teach Science

April 14, 2020   

Earth Day is April 22nd. Explore ways to incorporate lessons about climate change into your classroom.

Goldilocks and the Three Lesson Plans

February 15, 2020   Kate Gasaway

At one end of the curriculum spectrum, there are fully-scripted, off-the-shelf options and at the other is, well, nothing—a blank page leaving you unlimited possibilities for what to plan. Could the best answer lie somewhere in the middle?

Reflections on the Curriculum Bazaar

December 12, 2019   Claire Kaplan

This week, the Thomas Fordham Institute published a report on the quality of materials from three popular curriculum-sharing websites and came to conclusions that the majority are of poor quality.

We think this makes the case for high-quality OER even stronger.

Supporting English Learners with Scaffolds

January 06, 2020   

Do you have English learners in your class for the first time? Or perhaps you are looking to refresh your existing strategies for supporting these students. You want to make sure that your English learners can access the same complex texts and tasks as the rest of their classmates, but how best to develop the supports to make that possible?